Considering the escalating costs of energy over the last 12 months, it is no surprise that more and more businesses are analysing their energy usage to make efficiencies.  Inevitably, this includes considering alternative energy sources and renewable energy solutions in particular.

At Elevate Envirotech, we have worked with several different types of businesses over the last few months to deliver alternative energy solutions, including air source heat pumps, electric vehicle charging points and solar PV installations.

The solar PV solution is of particular interest for a few reasons.  Firstly, commercial and industrial premises often have large expanses of roof upon which a solar PV array can be installed, often a flat roof that can accommodate solar panels without needing planning permission like a residential flat roof would need.  When considering a solar PV system, analysing and understanding the current and future energy consumption of the building is key.  Obviously, solar PV is at its most efficient during daylight hours which is when these commercial and industrial buildings are consuming the most amount of electricity.  Therefore, a well designed solar PV system can have a dramatic effect on a business’ reliance on buying electricity from the grid resulting in cost savings on energy bills.

Cost justification is one of the biggest considerations when exploring commercial renewable energy solutions as although the renewable energy system may create cost savings by reducing future energy bills, there is still an initial financial outlay to recoup.  At present in the UK, that outlay is mitigated by the UK government’s tax breaks and incentives that are designed to reward businesses for investing in green, renewable technology, plant and equipment.  Therefore, at Envirotech we advise all of our commercial clients to liaise with their accountants from the very early stages of the project to ensure they are maximising these huge incentives before they finish at the end of March 2023.  Over the last couple of years, the cost of the solar PV technology itself has fallen over time whereas the price of electricity has risen, meaning that a well designed solar PV system, especially with the tax incentives currently available, can pay for itself in a much shorter period of time than ever before.

However, it’s not just direct financial savings on electricity bills that appeal to our commercial clients, there are other advantages, too.  Oftentimes, when people see that their employer is investing in green, renewable energy solutions there can be a heightened awareness of energy usage amongst the employees as well as an appreciation that their employer is seen to be “doing their bit” to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and alleviate the business’ carbon footprint.  It can also help to generate goodwill with customers and clients as they see that the business is committed to managing its environmental impact and, again, is “doing their bit” to be a bit more environmentally aware.  By reducing the business’ reliance on fossil fuels, employees, clients and customers can see that the business is a forward thinking organisation that is embracing new technology, evolving with the modern world and the economic and climate challenges we face.

Although businesses are facing the same energy difficulties as domestic customers, there are affordable, effective renewable energy systems that can help to mitigate exposure to the utility companies and their rising bills by installing a well designed solar PV system.  Whether it be for a commercial building, office, warehouse, factory or for your home, please get in touch with us on 01371 875222 to find out how we can help you save money on your energy bills.