GivEnergy all in one battery

GivEnergy’s newest AC coupled battery system is the all in one battery solution which includes ground breaking battery and inverter technologies combined in one integrated product. The system is sleek, affordable and powerful, offering a substantial 13.5kWh of useable capacity and a discharge rate of 7.2kW. With the option to add a companion backup gateway to protect your supply and keep you running during power cuts, this really is the dream battery for both installers and customers!



What are the key features of the GivEnergy all in one 13.5kWh Battery and Inverter?

*Whole House Backup

With the additional Gateway for backup , in the event of a grid failure the battery can provide your home with emergency power supply. This also means that your solar PV system can continue to generate solar energy even without grid supply. This makes the GivEnergy all in one perfect for homeowners who are looking to become more energy independent or who experience frequent power cuts.

*Modular Design

With its modular design, the all in one is built with easy handling and fitting in mind. Additionally in future if you are looking to increase the amount of battery storage, you have the potential to connect up to 6 battery systems to work in sync with existing 13.5kW of storage.

*System costs and installation

The GivEnergy all in one Battery has been released to the public as of June 2023 and as GivEnergy approved installers we have already begun helping more homeowners experience the power of this system.

At Elevate Envirotech we install the GivEnergy all in one (standard installation) at a starting price of £9,595.00 (Inc VAT).  There is currently 20% VAT on battery storage, however there is 0% VAT on solar panels which is why we would recommend that our customers install both solar panels and battery storage at the same time.

If you are a UK Homeowner looking at getting the new GivEnergy battery installed, our team of experienced installers would be happy to help! Get in contact with us today to find out more.